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First OEM Standard - 3D Printed Collision Parts Produced by USA-based Additive Auto Parts

Marking a significant industry milestone, the first batch of headlight repair tabs meeting OEM grade standards for 3D printed collision parts has been successfully produced.

This achievement, inspired by the groundbreaking work of the 3D Auto Collision Task Force, has been realized by the newly formed Additive Auto Parts, based in Chicago.

Utilizing General Motors Additive standards, this production effort is the result of a collaborative effort between HP, Forecast 3D, and collision giant the Boyd Group. These parts represent a major leap forward in the collision repair industry, showcasing the immense potential of 3D printing technology, now that it can be done to an industry standard, protecting everyone along the collision repair and claim process.

Harold Sees, from the 3D Auto Collision Task Force, commented, “This accomplishment exemplifies the benefits of collaborative innovation in the collision industry, working towards an OEM regulated 3D printed process.”

This development is a testament to the transformative power of 3D printing in the automotive repair sector, offering a more sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective alternative to traditional methods.

Mario Dimovski of the Boyd Group added, “Our collaboration goes beyond just creating 3D printed parts. We’re setting new standards in the automotive repair industry, aiming to utilize OEM grade 3D printed parts that will benefit our business and our supply and reconditioning partners.”
This innovation is poised to pave the way for more widespread use of 3D printed parts in automotive repairs, aligning with the industry’s move towards more agile and environmentally friendly solutions that will be safer and more suited for use in the collision repair process.

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