3D Printing in Supply Chain – Task Force Announced

Concluding the supply chain sessions, Aaron DeLong, solution architect at HP Inc and Harold Sears (AMUG) from Imagine Additive Consulting, looked to the future of the automotive supply chain through 3D printing.

DeLong said: “Automotive OEM’s have been adopting 3D printing technology for end use parts for many years now. It’s only a matter of time before the gap is bridged and this technology is introduced in the supply chain for the collision repair as many other industries have done.”

“3D printers can be placed anywhere. It all depends on the needs of the industry & collision shops. They could be in the workshop or in a warehouse that services multiple body shops like a hub and spoke model. Instead of ordering a part, you would order the digital files and print the required part.”

With the growing interest in the automotive repair space, Delong concluded by announcing on behalf of IBIS Global an industry-first, 3D Printing in Automotive Repair Task Force, that will be led by Mr. Harold Sears.

Sears then took the stage, who brings over 30 years of 3D printing experience that included leading FORD’s 3D printing solutions for over 20 years.

Mr Sears said “The aim of the taskforce I have been asked to lead is to shape the future of the automotive repair and collision industry using 3D printing. We will be a fast follower of what other industries have transformed their supply chain of repair and services parts that can be 3D printed. We will map a regulated supply chain environment for on-demand ‘certified’ 3D printed automotive repair parts working with some of the world’s leading experts and companies.”